Marie Says

My name is Marie, feel free to follow me or comment to me. I'm a pretty friendly person. My favorite shows are Supernatural, Doctor Who, Teen Wolf and Sherlock. My favorite comic book character is Deadpool. :) If any of that interests you welcome aboard.

"So, the morning found us with Karpov’s handpicked N.K.V.D squad hiding on the outskirts of Kronas…while our advance scout cleared the way. Which is the real secret of what Bucky was. The official story said he was a symbol to counter the rise of the Hitler youth…and there was some truth to that, but like all things in war, there was a darker truth underneath. Bucky did the things I couldn’t. I was the icon. I wore the flag…but while I gave speeches to troops in the trenches…he was doing what he’d been trained to do…and he was highly trained. He wouldn’t’ve been out there with us if he wasn’t.”

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